Underwriting Department

Ngarontaake Tirotaam Itaia (Mrs.)

(Underwriting Manager)

This Section is the core business in which insurance contracts are designed for each type of risk faced by the individual, a company or the nation as a whole. Headed by the Underwriting Manager, there are streams in the underwriting business, that is, Life and General. Each stream is headed by Assistant Managers. There are clerical staff for each stream. The total staff for this Section is eight, including the manager.

Since it is a service provider, Management is to try hard to process claims quickly to satisfy the clients within the terms and conditions of the insurance contract. In rare cases, an ex-gratia claim settlement is made possible for the sake of good relations. The main roles include the following:-

  • risk assessment
  • policy drafting
  • rate determination and review
  • claims processing
  • reinsurance arrangements
  • data collection
  • marketing