Organization Hierarchy

Neiti Ueaieta James (Mrs.)

(Chief Executive Officer)


Kiribati Insurance Corporation (KIC) is governed by Board of Directors (BoD) with members appointed by the Honorable Minister for Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MFED). BoD is comprised of a Chairman and four other executive members.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports directly to the BoD and works closely with KIC Management Team. KIC Management is comprised of respective Managers from different departments.


IT Department

Botibita Itibita (Mr.)

(Information Technology Manager)

The Information Technology section was established in 2006 to support and enhance the vision and mission of the corporation in the information age.

Our mission is to deliver a simple, convenient, fast insurance service using the most effective, efficient and environment friendly technology.

The IT Section comprises by the IT Manager who is responsible for the flow, safeguard and maintenance of all insurance information in the form of hardcopies and electronic copies using cost effective and innovative technologies.

Kiritimati Branch

Tokintekai T. Tiribo (Mr.)

(Branch Manager)

Welcome and greetings from the remote island of Kiritimati.

Our purpose of existence is to provide the insurance services (both Life and Non-life insurance) to the general public on the Line and Phoenix islands. Our office is located on Kiritimati island in London village at the Ministry of Line and Phoenix building and we are responsible to provide insurance services to the people on Kiritimati island, Kanton, Fanning and Washington Islands. Our branch office is managed by the Branch Manager and assisted by 2 other staff.

For those who need Insurance services from the Branch, please contact the Branch Manager on phone number (+686) 75381080 or email to ttiribo(at) or enquire(at)

The General public and valued customers are hereby advised that Kiritimati time is 2 hours ahead of Tarawa time.

Thank you and we are looking forward to serve and to assist you with your insurance needs in the coming future.

Account Department

Taam Ioane (Mrs.)
(Financial Manager)

Welcome to the Account department web page and thank you so much for your interest to explore our main tasks and services that could be of great assistance to your respective and individual needs.
The Account department is one of the four departments within the Corporation. The division is currently comprised of 5 permanent staff. Our duties and responsibilities are designed in order to accomplish the roles and goals of the division, which concentrate most on collecting, recording, analyzing and interpreting of financial information for the General and Life accounts.

The Account department is divided into 4 different areas as follows:

(1) Receipts & Payments
(2) General Insurance Accounting
(3) Payroll
(4) Life Insurance Accounting.

Our staff are trained and specialized in their respective areas of responsibilities. An annual work plan has been formulated to identify tasks and activities that need to be completed by respective staff, taking into consideration the deadline and due dates.
The On job training and the performance appraisal system is frequently undertaken to ensure that our staff work to their best performance and expectations in order to meet the set annual work plans and goals of the Account section.

Meeting payment times to your request is our service while providing timely and quality financial information to your satisfaction. You are therefore most welcome to write or phone direct to me if encountered with problems in regard to services offered by any of my Account staff.

Time is money so let salute this accounting philosophy for the sake of our beloved country, KIRIBATI.