Workmen Compensation Insurance

Workmen Compensation

General Understanding on the basic principles governing the Workmen Compensation.

  • Act relating to the Workmen Compensation Policy
  • Overall work procedure
  • Ratings

Workmen Compensation is designed to cater and compensate for the related accidents and injuries encountered by workers in the duration of performing their duties at any one time as specified under the work schedules, and further to the governing legislation as stipulated under Cap 102.

This will include performance of any duty as described on the policy whether on the job site or any other locations besides the work place.

It also includes accidents or injuries sustained when traveling from and to the respective employees’ homes when going out to work or returning.

Under Cap 102, the KIC is legally liable if they are insured to compensate injuries and other related costs incurred owing to the nature of the injury – provided this is with the consent of the Corporation.

This purpose of compensation shall be confined only to that occupation as described under the policy and shall not include any other business or occupation not defined thereon.

The financial obligation to this insurance expense lies mainly on the employer.
Under this Insurance policy, employees are also covered for any health hazardous incidents that may prevail from the performances of duties as defined under the policy.